barack obama

CUBE studies political events in terms of experiences that produce social meaning and as collective representations in continuous evolution.

Ethnographic and semiotic analysis can be exercised over a large and varied number of objects: political campaigns, forms of identity construction of party and movement, leadership and leader's role within the team, media production of various kinds of texts (campaign posters, rallies and movement's initiatives, journalistic comments, political forums on television, etc..), and different types of receptive processes, from the moulding of public opinion to the clash of readings and interpretations on facts and behaviors.

Election campaigns are certainly the privileged moments of ethnosemiotic analysis, since they represent the strongest emergence of the debate about the respective competing positions, and since they take place in times in which the production of texts and discourses in with a strategic aim is particularly dense, and providing to the analyst multiple objects on which to exercise description easily and profitably.

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