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CUBE identifies in doctor/patient relationships and in care relationships in general one of the most significant contemporary definition of identities and interpersonal relationships.

The symbolic value of medicalization, in its various forms, substantially depends on the variety of forms assumed by the distribution of the mutual competences (how much the health professional knows and/or can, to what extent the patient can know and/or decide, how and when the patient acquires the status of patient, etc.) and on the way contemporary society thinks and practices the manipulation of bodies.

The organization of outpatient areas, the temporal articulation of care pathways, the perception of one's body and its states, the definition of illness and health, the private and public dimension of what is perceived as "health", here are many opportunities to investigate and produce ethnographic observations of concrete situations and semiotic analysis of the data.

Questa ricerca sulla comunicazione del dolore cronico è stata condotta in collaborazione tra la fondazione ISAL di Rimini e l'Università di Bologna. Lo studio, condotto su Facebook, trae le mosse da una discussione con un gruppo di pazienti affetti da dolore cronico sui loro problemi, biografia e vita quotidiana...


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