The world of public communication (public information and advertisement) is a traditional field for semiotic analysis, used to analyze the texts that constitute the core of the strategies and communication campaigns.

CUBE promotes an increase of intelligibility, taking as its object the operation of the advertising message whose value is the intersubjective practice of persuasion and conviction, and trying to build a objectified form of its realization.

For this reason, the methodology promoted by CUBE combines the established tools of semiotic analysis with ethnographic observation of actual moments of production and reception, through the identification of real sets: moments of the supply chain of concept (purchasing reports, project communication's processing, development of the production plan, etc..) and situations of contextual reception (ads inside the space of the television, billboard campaigns on the road, big screens on the stage, brochures in the letterbox, etc...) by highlighting which aspects of transmitted meaning depend on the specific conditions of processing/receiving.

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